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Many ABOTANs believe the Foundation is where ABOTA does its best and most critical work. The bedrock of the Foundation is its belief that preservation of the rights guaranteed to all Americans by the Seventh Amendment to the Constitution must be based on the American public’s clear understanding of the history of the right to trial by jury and why that right is precious and valuable. Preserving the right to trial by jury is best assured by an educated public- beginning with our future jurors. The Foundation leads the way by creating, promoting, distributing and teaching vital youth education programs.

ABOTA also believes the public is best served by civil practices and trials presented by skilled practitioners. The Foundation provides professional education through our Masters In Trials and Civility Matters programs designed to teach and elevate the standards of legal professionalism, integrity, honor and courtesy.

What is the ABOTA Foundation and its mission?

  • The Foundation is the education affiliate of ABOTA, a charitable 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to educating the public and especially youth about the right to trial by jury.
  • The mission of the Foundation is to support the purposes of the American Board of Trial Advocates in order to preserve the Constitutional vision of equal justice for all Americans and to save our civil justice system for future generations.

What are the ABOTA Foundation's key educational programs?

  • Justice by the People provides free lesson plans to teachers to educate young people about their rights and responsibilities as citizens.
  • The James Otis Lecture Series on the U.S. Constitution educates high school students in California, Florida, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Washington on Constitution Day, September 17.
  • The Masters in Trial program and the new ABOTA Trial College held on the campus of Harvard University provide professional education for trial attorneys.
  • The ABOTA Foundation was a founding sponsor of the Teacher’s Law School. Social studies and government teachers from across the state of Texas receive a two-day crash course in the law so they can forward the lessons on to their students, as well as use the information as situations arise. This program is expanding into other states.

The Foundation is actively working to reach more high school students through Mock Trial and Constitution Day programs, exploring the youth education format of the future in the form of virtual education and reaching out to other Bar organizations to coordinate youth education to reduce costs and avoid overlapping efforts.


If you haven’t already joined the ABOTA Foundation, please do so now today by going to the Foundation link below: Become a Fellow of the Foundation of the American Board of Trial Advocates and you will help to ensure that people of all ages gain an understanding of the history and value of their 7th Amendment right to civil trial by jury.

There are 3 Categories of Fellows

  1. Fellow ($150 per year)
  2. Life Fellow ($1500 in total gifts)
  3. Senior Life Fellow (Gifts in excess of $2000)

You can send your Fellows Gift to:

The Foundation of ABOTA
2001 Bryan Street – Suite 3000
Dallas, TX 75201

Or Click Here to make a pledge online
Or Click Here for more information on the National ABOTA Website

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