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    The San Diego Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates is dedicated to the constitutional vision of equal justice for all Americans and preserving our civil justice system.
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  • CAL-ABOTA Hawaii Conference
    November 6 - 11, 2023
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2022 Judges Night

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2021 Holiday Party

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2019 Summer Party Photos - Del Mar Racetrack

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2018 Holiday Party Photos

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2017 Summer Party Photos

2017 Summer Party Photos
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2016 San Diego ABOTA Holiday Party

2016 San Diego ABOTA Holiday Party
ABOTA-2016-17 ABOTA-2016-21 ABOTA-2016-24 ABOTA-2016-102 ABOTA-2016-107 ABOTA-2016-118 ABOTA-2016-14 ABOTA-2016-25 ABOTA-2016-26 ABOTA-2016-27 ABOTA-2016-29 ABOTA-2016-30 ABOTA-2016-33 ABOTA-2016-46 ABOTA-2016-51 ABOTA-2016-54 ABOTA-2016-55 ABOTA-2016-62 ABOTA-2016-67 ABOTA-2016-71 ABOTA-2016-89 ABOTA-2016-94 ABOTA-2016-96

The San Diego Chapter of the

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